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Raw Diet

The raw diet is the most appropriate option for your cat.

Containing muscle meat, organ meat, ground bone, blood and supplements, it is complete and balanced.

  • Cats are obligate carnivores (they are unable to digest plant fiber)
  • High moisture (being most closely related to the desert tiger, cats do not have a natural instinct to drink, but rather, receive all of the moisture they require from the prey diet)
  • Most closely resembles the diet of the wild feline

Wet Food (Canned)

For those that want the convenience of opening a pouch or can and pouring it into a bowl.

Contains muscle meat, organ meat, and supplements. It is a complete and balanced diet.

  • High moisture, important for kidney health
  • With or without carbohydrates / starches
  • Long shelf life
  • Easy to serve and store

Freeze / Air Dried Raw Food

For humans that want the convenience of dry food (without the added carbs or starch) this is a raw option.

Containing muscle meat, organ meat, ground bone, blood and supplements, it is complete and balanced.

  • Cats are obligate carnivores (they are unable to digest plant fiber)
  • Low moisture, but easy to store
  • Can be re-hydrated into a more species-appropriate meal

Dry Food

For those that want the convenience and economy of a processed meal.

Containing meat, carbohydrates/starch, and supplements; it is complete and balanced.

  • Low moisture; adequate water bowls / fountains must be provided
  • Naturally occurring taurine
  • Long shelf life
  • Easy to serve and store

A natural diet leads to a healthy cat…and a healthy cat is a happy cat! Unfortunately, too many diets supply the bare minimum nutritional requirements.

We believe that cats are family members – so they deserve to be treated like one!

To make an informed decision we like to teach 2 things.

What is a cat?

  1. Cats are 100% carnivores

  2. Cannot process plant fiber

  3. Cats cannot chew because their jaws move only up an down and not side to side

How does the pet food industry operate?

  1. Classified as “Feed” not “Food”

  2. Marketing typically wins the consumer

    • We teach how to look past the marketing
    • We show how to read a label
  3. AAFCO not a government organization

  4. FDA / USDA only intervene when problems occur

See what others have to say

“Tucker’s is an amazing store. I always love going in there. Everyone who works there is absolutely amazing.

I have two slightly older dogs each with their own set of issues. I have went in Tucker’s multiple times not quite knowing what I was looking for but leaving with great products that helped. I wanted to try raw and I was given a ton of different options and was able to find their current food that they love. My boy is a little picky when it comes to treats but all their meaty options make his eyes light up. I have a dog cabinet and fridge shelf full of Tucker’s products that help them live their best life plus a house full of adorable toys.

It is the only pet store I shop at. They know you by name and treat you like family.”

– Brenna R.

“The staff at Tuckers Doggie Delights truly cares about my dog, Dash. In the time we’ve been shopping there (about 4 years) we have had excellent guidance from all employees about food selection.

When Dash had a bout of belly issues last fall – they worked with me to find foods and toppers that would be gentle on his stomach during that time. I have also felt confident that they were giving me the best advice for my dog and his well being. I am always happy with the service at Tucker’s and the choices for excellent quality food.

Finally, they love my dog like they love their own pets. He is treated like a king when he walks in the door. It’s great to have a local option for excellent pet food and caring employees which make shopping there a great experience.”

– Kristen N.

“When we moved to New lenox someone recommended Tucker’s to us as our pit mix was having serious allergy issues. The staff at Tucker’s very patiently helped us find a food that would work better for her.

She continued to have allergies despite our best efforts so they suggested a sensitivity test that was a game changer and saved us so much money in vet bills and daily meds our girl didn’t need.

We LOVE Tucker’s and the staff that works there is soooo sweet!”

– Jennifer D.

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